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From Caspar David Friedrich to Edvard Munch

The Behnhaus-Drägerhaus Museum keeps a significant collection of paintings and sculptures from the 19th century and classical modernity.

The collection focuses on the art of Romanticism and the Nazarenes, with works by Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Blechen, Carl Gustav Carus, and the Lübeck artist Johann Friedrich Overbeck. Paintings by Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth, Max Slevogt, Gotthardt Kuehl, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, and not least Edvard Munch, who worked in Lübeck in the beginning of the 20th century, stand, among others, for the period of classical modernity.

The museum is located in two 18th century mansions, the Behnhaus and the Drägerhaus, which also display ensembles of 18th and 19th century domestic furniture in historical rooms. Especially the »Landlord’s and Landlady’s Private Chambers« in the wings of the Behnhaus are considered among the most significant neo-classical interiors of Northern Germany. The Drägerhaus accommodates a suite of rococo reception rooms, unique to Lübeck and in the style of French room ensembles. With its juxtaposition of picture gallery and historical rooms, this house is considered among the most beautiful museums in Northern Germany.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday
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Tuesday - Sunday
1st of January - 31st of March
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Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus
Galerie des 19. Jahrhunderts und der Klassischen Moderne
Königstraße 9-11
23552 Lübeck

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